We’re EvoShare

Our goal is to make saving for retirement or paying off student loan debt accessible for everyone, all while creating a positive impact in our community of partnered restaurants and businesses.

Our Mission

EvoShare is a Berkeley-based company that enables you to save for your retirement or reduce your student debt by simply doing your daily shopping. Our service allows you to use a portion of what you spend at your favorite local businesses and online vendors to either be placed into your retirement account or pay off a student loan, helping you save for your future without changing your spending habits. If you don’t currently have a retirement account, that’s not a problem! EvoShare can hold your cash-back until you get a retirement plan. And once you pay off a student loan, you can always use our service to start saving for retirement. EvoShare is designed to not only innovate how Americans spend but how they think about spending as well.

EvoShare works with companies in the Bay Area and beyond to help customers get the most out of their purchases. We partner with local businesses and quality online vendors, helping them expand their customer base and supporting the local and national economy.

As the retirement crisis and the student debt crisis burden millions of Americans, EvoShare is helping its users take greater control of their lives and helping businesses give back to the communities that support them. Support the EvoShare locations in your area and start securing your financial independence today.